September 1, 2015 Differentiation Resources

Differentiation Resources from Critical Thinking Presentation: https://goo.gl/ZjSyHu

Critical Thinking presentation voiceover: https://youtu.be/xoXbIBIff_o 

Accelerated Intervention and Enrichment presentation voiceover: Click here

Flexible Grouping voiceover:  FlexibleGroupVoiceOverSept1.mp4

Using Data to Differentiate:  https://engagecobb.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/using-data-to-differentiate-voice-over.pptx

September 15, 2015 Digital Core Content PL Webinars

K-5 Social Studies Differentiation Webinar Recording:  https://goo.gl/gtHUUB

6-8 Social Studies Differentiation Webinar Recording:   https://goo.gl/6DWyI5

6-12 ELA Differentiation Webinar Recording:  https://goo.gl/aZaFEX

9-12 Social Studies Differentiation Webinar Recording:  https://goo.gl/rxYwUg

October 13, 2015  Differentiation Make & Take Resources

K-5 ELA Differentiation Resources:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3QTX85Dio9rWWdoNkI0amFGMGs 

6-12 ELA Differentiation Resources:  DifferentiationMake.TakeVoiceOver6.12ELA.mp4

6-12 Math Differentiation Resources:  DifferentiationTraining-101315.zip

K-12 Science Differentiation Resources:  Science ES Oct 13 Differentiation Through Questioning.mp4

October 27, 2015 Deeper Learning Digital Core Content PL Webinars (recordings will be posted here after the event)

3:00-3:45pm Differentiation Strategies for K-5


4:00-4:45 pm High

Math HS http://tinyurl.com/mathhsdiff

ELA HS http://tinyurl.com/ELAHSDIFF

Science HS  http://tinyurl.com/ScienceHSDif

SS HS http://tinyurl.com/SSHSDiff

5:00-5:45 pm Middle

Math MS http://tinyurl.com/mathmsdiff

ELA MS http://tinyurl.com/ELAMSDIFF

Science MS http://tinyurl.com/ScienceMSDiff

SS MS http://tinyurl.com/SSMSDiff1


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